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Renegade Revolution Radio

Nov 23, 2021


In today’s episode, Sara talks about the upcoming holidays as it relates to our traditional vs. enlightened views about them. We get a glimpse at the ascending timeline, which is part of the soul evolution. Then, we have the descending timeline, which is part of the transhumanist AI Evolution. She will talk about what this looks like for each and how we're evolving and resurrecting the fallen timelines up to the organic timeline of how humans are designed to live as opposed to what is happening on the descending timeline, where they are falling into the way that the AI, technology and the dark forces runs the descending timeline. Her focus is on Holy Days and staying centered here.


Key Ideas: 


“Holy means something that is dedicated and consecrated to God.” 1:26


“October to December is a quickening, a quickening of energy. If we're not mindful of that energy and take responsibility for our own, it can be draining.” 19:34


“Some of us are here to transmute the collective energies, humanity is young and innocent. It's like a little child where sometimes they don't know how to process their own emotions.” 27:57


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