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Renegade Revolution Radio

Aug 25, 2022

Summary:  Today on Renegade Revolution, Radio Sara expands on channeling and why she’s not a big fan. She’ll get into Channeling entities (the wrong ones, hint: Galactic Federation) and how doing so is drains the energetic body in a major way. She’ll get into how all of this contradicts Christianity and...

Aug 18, 2022

Ever used divination tools for guidance on life’s major decisions? Sara brings a whole different perspective to these tools that may have you questioning their use. She will talk about consciousness awareness, channeling, and divination tools like pendulums, muscle testing, and tarot. She will also get into...

Aug 8, 2022

Hey there, renegades. Welcome back to the show. Sara talks about her hiatus and her oral surgery and the profound effect it had on her. Tune in to find out how this all relates to Sara's overall philosophy.


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