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Renegade Revolution Radio

Aug 25, 2021

In today’s episode, Sara explains the concept of energy harvesting. Humanity is meant to sustain our own personal energy. The best way for her to relate this to you is to create a parallel to the way air conditioners are designed to work (a subject she knows well because of her HVAC business). 


Although the human energetic body is designed to self-sustain under ideal circumstances, we're not exactly in ideal living conditions currently, are we??


This episode gets interesting real fast, so be sure to tune in and enjoy the ride. You’ll also get a preview of a bonus episode coming soon!!


We as humans have so much lifeforce energy. Sara talks about how we leak it out and how we can reclaim it.



Sara goes into trauma and how they create holes than may cause leaks of our energetic forces. 



We learn a little about Robert Monroe who coined the term “Out of Body Experience.”



Sara moves into mind control research and dark forces at play.



She finishes up with intent and consent when it comes to your own personal energy.

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