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Renegade Revolution Radio

Aug 25, 2022

Summary:  Today on Renegade Revolution, Radio Sara expands on channeling and why she’s not a big fan. She’ll get into Channeling entities (the wrong ones, hint: Galactic Federation) and how doing so is drains the energetic body in a major way. She’ll get into how all of this contradicts Christianity and other religions and why it’s just an illusion. Sara ends with a note about preserving the soul and how to protect it from dark energy.


Key Ideas:


14:42 Channeling entities


15:44 Channeling and religion


23:22 The fake matrix


28:26 Preserving the soul

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“2022 is the year  we stepped into this highest timeline, we live from a heart-centered space, and we have clarity on our vision and what we want and what matters to us.” 7:00


“The fact that they’re spewing polarity, and the fact that they’re trusting Big Daddy government, and all of these things, right, they’re also claiming the Jesus card, it's like that's a false Jesus.” 15:55


“When the soul gets fragmented enough, where there's nothing left to store, your spirit will sever all soul connection. ” 28:04