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Renegade Revolution Radio

Mar 30, 2022

In today's episode, Sara is really excited to share with you a practice that she uses to help amplify the light that this planet so desperately needs right now. This practice helps Sara see through the craziness of the 3d, and reconnect with Divine Will and her true essence. Sara will talk about trauma, how the body could hold on to it and how this could block us from moving forward in life. She covers how surrender to Divine will and guidance can change the fabric of our being and our energy centers. 


One of the most important key takeaways from the episode is the power of amplifying love and light. How do we do this? Tune in to find out.


Key Ideas: 


Sara talks about trauma, hopelessness and surrender to the Divine.


She brings some light to fear and how we can break through.


Join her, as she amplifies the light and sends that ripple out into the world.

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