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Renegade Revolution Radio

Mar 9, 2022

Welcome back Renegades, Sara jumps back in after a break during this powerful energetic window. Have you felt the powerful energetic shifts in the last two years, but more accelerated as of late? In today’s episode, Sara talks about some massive ascension energies. She shares her perspective on a significant energetic takedown that happened during the 2.2.22 - 2.22.22 energetic window. She goes from the macro level of significance to the micro level impacts on the individual level. Sara also briefly mentions an issue that came up recently regarding her so-called ‘privilege’ and how this plays into the agenda of negative energy aka darker forces.

Key Ideas: 


Sara let’s us in on a little secret about energies and grids.


Sara talks about the media and our current state of so-called crisis and how to handle it as a Being on the ascension timeline.


She reveals how physical symptoms of growth may manifest in our current realm.

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