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Renegade Revolution Radio

Jul 14, 2021

In today’s episode Sara explains Ascension symptoms how you may find some relief from these ailments as you continue your ascension journey. This episode also goes into a deeper look at one of the more questionable and corrupt institutions of our modern world: Big Pharma. 

Yep, had to take it there, hope it doesn't get me censored :)


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Key Ideas:



Sara talks about the body and it’s amazing self-preservation and healing properties when we focus on natural remedies and being intune with what it needs.



She’s getting down to brass tacks and talking about Big Pharma and how it distracts us from finding the root cause of our issues.



Sara goes into more detail about what ascension symptoms are and how they are signs that we are “upgrading” our operational systems.



In this section of the podcast, Sara gives some insight into natural medicines, unconventional foods and other ways to help alleviate ascension symptoms.



Sara shares her experience with fasting and how it might help in the ascension journey.