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Renegade Revolution Radio

Jun 16, 2021

Today, we're going to go beneath the everyday titles that we wear, like mother, teacher, artist, friend, best friend, entrepreneur, all of the above. We will peel away each layer of our worldly personas and ask ourselves “Who am I, really?” We're going to go to a deeper level of who we are in our essence. Join me on this journey of exploration.


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Key Ideas:



In this episode, I'm shedding all of my titles, these worldly accolades, these ego attachments, the labels that society put on me, and that I claim for myself. But if I were to let go and release all of those, then what am I left with? And so that's where I'd like to deep dive in today's episode, that exploration of “Who am I really” when you take away all of the titles and all the things that the world makes you think that you need, or that you need to be.



I believe that when you are defining your soul and your core essence, it's so beyond. It's so meta, it's so transcendent, that human language doesn't do it any justice. I can do the best that I can to describe this. However, it requires a deeper knowing, because what I know resonates, and it's embodied within me. Putting words to this is really hard to do. It reminds me of a quote: “to define is to limit and we are limitless”.



These are the words that I use for God:  Source, because that is the source from which everything comes from. I use Creator, Ultimate Creator, we are co-creators with God, right? So we are creators, ourselves, and God is the Ultimate Creator. I use Eternal Living Light. Because as I'm going more into the spiritual community, I'm realizing that there is a false light.


The more we try to disconnect from God, the more we're disconnecting from ourselves, because we are one. And that's why I think that we take on ego identities to fill a void. That void is the holy union between you and your Source or your Creator. That's why I also think that the forces that are controlling the Earth right now, they want you to have the titles, labels and ego identities...and this attachment to the ego identities, because they know that as you connect with those false identities, you're becoming more disconnected from your Creator and your Source, which is your power. In order to derive your true essence, how I derived my true essence, and remembered who I truly was, I had to transcend the archetypes; I had to reconnect with Source. 



The old paradigm run by the negative controllers or dark forces is dying, these negative controllers who have been in control for so long. If you are religious or rehabilitating from religion, you know the religious books tell us there is going to be a time where the dark forces of the devil are running the earth. Are we in those times? Listen to find out more.



When you’re in a dilemma, the best place you can go is within, in a meditation to get to your stillness, out of your thoughts and into the void. You transcend this dimension. That's your connection with Source. God is within you. The universe, multiverse, God, the stars, the planets, everything, it's all inside of you. Because inside of you you can find another dimension, it's not something you can see in a microscope. I'm talking about transcending physical evidence, it’s beyond the 3d physical plane. When you get to your stillness, you tap into that dimension. 


The importance of meditation isn’t taught in school. They're [you know who that is] not going  to teach meditation because that will connect you to Source.



Here I’ll share with you my exploration of my bodies, tune in to hear what bodies I discovered.



I always say, all of these bodies, they're related to each other, they're tethered to one another. If you think you can neglect one completely and be fine everywhere else, it's not sustainable. We have to integrate them, we have to embody them, we have to heal them, we have to take good care of them and honor them [all the bodies].



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