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Renegade Revolution Radio

Jun 2, 2021

In today's episode, I share with you what 2020 meant to me, and how it gave me 20/20 vision. I don’t believe this was a coincidence. It was the intention of the Universe with the wild ride that we all went on. Let’s dive in and unpack it all.


Key Ideas:


In the beginning of 2020, my intention was to create a podcast about business and entrepreneurship. Then, rona happened and, well let’s just say my plans changed.



2020 really made me take deep introspection into my busy life and my inner-self. I was already somewhat self-aware and took the time daily to practice mindfulness, but that part of me was compartmentalized, it wasn’t fully integrated. Listen in to get a better idea of what this means.



I love the Tupac quote: “Real eyes realize real lies.” The fact that it was 2020 is not lost on me. We were getting 20/20 vision, our lighthouses were becoming brighter, we were able to see the things that have always existed, but that we've never really taken the time to evaluate or really think about. 2020 was the initiation into that evaluation, it was an awakening from a deep sleep state.



As you expand your consciousness, you will resonate at a different frequency and vibration. We will talk more about vibration and frequency on Renegade Revolution Radio. Once you learn energetics, everything makes a little bit more sense.



The time has come for us to liberate ourselves from the systems of oppressors. It’s time to break free from the matrix, because this isn’t how we’re meant to live our lives. Right? We are better than this. And we deserve better than this.



Join me in the next episode, as we'll explore the topic of who we really are, and let's continue having these conversations that elevate and expand the intelligent consciousness on this planet. Until next time, rest, recover & recharge Renegades.


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