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Renegade Revolution Radio

Jun 2, 2021

In this first episode I tell  a little about my background and where I came from as a child in India to an adult here in the United States. I also talk about how I got into podcasting on the premise that I should never get bored of telling my story. So, here we are at Episode 1 of Renegade Revolution Radio where I kick it off with something creative and fun that you’ll just have to listen to and experience yourself.


Key Ideas:


In this episode, I’m sharing my story, my origins and why I started this podcast.



I get spunky. Listen to me rap a song about my roots and my hardworking parents and how they made a place for themselves in America.



This podcast is important for me to share because it gives you some insight into my life journey, which has led to and continues to unfold the evolution of Sara, an expansion of consciousness, and entrepreneurship endeavors. As I am growing and learning the modalities and tools to use to help me expand further, I feel it’s a disservice not to share with you.



If you're not following me on Instagram, find me at @entrepreneursara and join me there for daily content and behind the scenes glimpse into my life.



I was born in India, my mom is Indian, and my dad is African. My dad was in school to be an engineer and he met my mother in college in India, they ultimately ended up in America circa 1990.



My parents were very clear that education and successful jobs were the way, here in America, and it influenced our way of life. My dad refused to live off of the government.



As a young adult, the way I operated and my daily behaviors were a result of societal conditioning, parental conditioning, and overall indoctrination. I don't believe that’s something that we’re born with. We’ve been taught a scarcity mindset, and this isn’t accidental.



As I became older, I went through school and worked hard as a waitress and bartender while doing it. I was trying to get through med school, but ultimately didn’t like the system and the things I experienced there. Does the healthcare system really care about our health? Listen to the show to find out my opinion on this.



Living in Houston, I was entrenched in the Oil and Gas industry, I worked my way up the corporate ladder until I reached “success”, only to realize that while I may have been financially fulfilled, I was left spiritually bankrupt.



I eventually started a successful HVAC business with my husband and realized that entrepreneurship felt like freedom to me.



Entrepreneurship has been a gateway into my spiritual awakening and consciousness evolution.



Through all of my businesses, online resources, and paid programs, I hit a major business milestone, 7-figures. However, the revenue marker wasn’t what made me feel successful.



I am an international entrepreneur who is not sacrificing the things that matter the most to me, which is: my family, my well being, my health, my consciousness, and my soul. I'm able to live in accordance with Divine Law, which I believe that all of us are innately abiding by, before we’re conditioned to do otherwise. It is part of our birthright and eternal agreement. More on many of those topics coming up. 



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Let's get this Renegade Revolution started and help liberate humanity one podcast at a time.